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Sustainable prosperity when the world builds.

LOCAL is a service designed to support Aboriginal communities monitor
and report benefits resulting from participating in major projects. The software
simplifies the tracking of Impact Benefit Agreements and Environmental Assessment
conditions – improving transparency, trust and accountability.

LOCAL has 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Commitment

Proponents can show their commitment to the supply chain and community by measuring and reporting local participation – and providing the Aboriginal and local contractors the tools to do so! LOCAL serves this commitment.

Step 2: Customized Forms

Proponents can customized a data collection form that meets regulatory and CSR requirements, as well as addresses the unique local interests.  Local participation data collection forms are tailored according to industry, and can be customized by topic or by performance indicator.

Step 3: Dispatch

Once the Aboriginal community member has built the LOCAL form, LOCAL dispatches it by web-link to Aboriginal contractors or other data participants.  Aboriginal contractors can share the link to their sub-contractors who are working with them on the projec.

Step 4: Aggregate Data

LOCAL manages reporting timelines and consolidates the data received from community members,  Aboriginal contractors and local businesses.

Step 5: Report and Visualization

LOCAL generates a report on local participation that the company and Aboriginal and local supplier can filter and use for presentations.

Customized Reports

Customized Forms by Topic

Customized Forms by Indicator

The LOCAL Process

Manual tracking with excel belong in the past.

Before (Excel) After (iTotem)


Hosted on CDN Azure Cloud server.