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We can gather the data and save you time.

Sustainability begins with the first dollar spent locally.

LOCAL is an online secure platform designed to support Aboriginal and local contractors to track and report the benefits resulting from participating on major projects.

Proponents can provide LOCAL as a service to make the required data collection less onerous for Aboriginal and local contractors – inspiring mutual trust and project support.

LOCAL has 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Commitment

Proponents can show their commitment to the supply chain and community by measuring and reporting local participation – and providing the Aboriginal and local contractors the tools to do so!  LOCAL serves this commitment.

Step 2: Customized Forms

Proponents can customized a data collection form that meets regulatory and CSR requirements, as well as addresses the unique local interests.  Local participation data collection forms are tailored according to industry, and can be customized by topic or by performance indicator.

Step 3: Dispatch

Once Proponents have built their data collection form, the form is sent through LOCAL’s Dispatch System by web-link to Aboriginal and local contractors. The Aboriginal and local contractors can share the link to their Subcontractors. LOCAL’S smart forms have easy drop down answers, saving time for Contractor and Subcontractor filers.

Step 4: Aggregate Data

LOCAL also manages the reporting timelines to ensure regular on time filing, and consolidates the data received from Aboriginal and local contractors.

Step 5: Report and Visualization

LOCAL generates a dashboard report on local participation that the Proponent and Aboriginal and local contractor can filter, compare over time, and use for internal and external presentations.

Customized Reports

Customized Forms by Topic

Customized Forms by Indicator


The LOCAL Process


Hosted on CDN Azure Cloud server.